Thank you President Nickfardjam

This Shabbat, as the civil year 2020 comes to a close, we would all like to thank and salute our synagogue president, Mr. Kamran Nickfardjam, as this Shabbat is his concluding Shabbat as president.

Mr. Nickfardjam, a gentle and worthy soul, has been leading our syangogue with exemplary humility, gentility and warmth of heart, during our contention with exceptionally challenging historical, medicinal and financial challenges. And he has been doing all this purely from the goodness of his heart, with steadfast dedication and exemplary devotion.

Mr. President, please accept our gratitude and salutation to you sir on behalf our entire community, and thank you also to your beloved wife Mrs. Debbie Nickfardjam, for letting the community “borrow you,” for countless evenings and days. In the words of our sages, you have been serving our community “lishma,” which means purely and disinterestedly, intrinsically for the sake of service. We are grateful to you sir for your leadership.

When a president leaves office, he is still addressed as president. We still say “President Bush” / “President Clinton,” well after they terminated their respective terms as presidents. Once a president, always a president. Once a leader, always a leader. We look forward Kamran for your leadership presence in the community for many long healthy years to come for you, Amen. In the words of the Almighty to Abraham in the Torah: “Your reward is immeasurably great.” Be well, and be a blessing, and may your entire family live and be well for decades to come.

All the best, warmly and gratefully yours, on behalf of the entire Sephardic Temple community,

Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Sessler


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    Vicki Karmona says

    Dearest Kamran,
    Thank you for all that you have done both during your presidency and for many years prior. You are one of the kindest, thoughtful and gentle souls in our community and I want to wish you good health, relaxing times and peace for you and your family. You truly deserve the best.
    With all my love,

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    Nessim Tiano says

    Dear Kamran
    As one of the oldest members of our beloved Temple, I would like to extend my sincere appreciation for your outstanding dedication and commitment during these extraordinary and difficult times faced by our Temple and it’s members. I know that you will continue to help provide the leadership which is required to fulfill the ever changing and expanding services required by our members and their families.

    Shabbat Shalom
    Ness Tiano

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