The Blessings of the Jews

Our parashah states that God will bless those who bless us, and undermine those who wish us harm. A quick glance at our tumultuous history, factually confirms the veracity of this dynamic.

For example, when medieval Spain was hospitable to us, it flourished. Once it became oppressive, the countdown for its hegemonic demise began. The same holds with regard to countless other global historical powers.

Even to this day, the one country which genuinely affords its Jews true equality and dignity, the United States, is indeed blessed by God as a supreme hegemonic superpower.

Why is humanity blessed through us? According to Catholic historian Paul Johnson, it’s because we remind humanity that “history has meaning, and that humanity has a destiny.” Because, according to Winston Churchill, we are “the most remarkable race,” which ever walked the earth. Because, according to John Adams, we “have done more to civilize mankind,” than any other group in history. Because we are indefatigable agents of change for the betterment of the overall human landscape. Because Jewish teachers and scholars facilitated the emergence of our fellow monotheistic religions of Christianity and Islam.
Because we engineered much of the ideational infrastructure of Western and human civilization as we know it, including socialism, capitalism, psychoanalysis, modern nuclear physics, postmodern thought, and much more.

Having survived genocide, we exemplify the humans spirit’s capacity to achieve “the victory of possibility over probability,” with the State of Israel epitomizing the modern virtues of resilience, adaptability, ingenuity, innovation and proactivity.

Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Sessler

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