Dear Temple Members:


The Board of Directors of Sephardic Temple Tifereth Israel (STTI) recently passed a special amendment to the STTI Constitution relative to cemetery plot reservations (purchases), which is of interest to you and your families.

STTI is offering an opportunity for each STTI member in good standing to make a cemetery plot (grave) reservation for any of that member’s Jewish family members who are NOT members of STTI.  Reservations will be made at the current market price as set forth by STTI at the time said reservation is requested in writing.

Any former regular member of STTI may also make grave reservations at market price if their family members are of the Jewish faith as determined by STTI.

There are also provisions for current STTI members with over five years of continuous membership to be entitled to purchase their own gravesite reservations at a discount as determined by STTI, which may change from time to time at the sole discretion of STTI.  Please note the discount is for the members of STTI only and not their non-member relatives.  The discounts are as follows:

0-5 years of active membership in good standing pays 100% of the market price, as established by STTI.

Beginning of the first day of the 6th year of membership in good standing, the member shall be entitled to a 10% reduction in said market price.

Each subsequent year, while a member remains in good standing, the member shall accrue an additional 2% discount per year from the said market price, up to a maximum discount of 50%.

This offer is for Eden Memorial Park, Home of Peace and Mount Sinai in Simi Valley.  The deadline for this offer is January 31, 2024.

Please contact STTI office for further information, Melissa Thompson 310-475-7000.