How do we take a tour of the school?
Please call the ECC Office to schedule a tour of the Preschool.  We know that your time might be limited, so we try to provide you with convenient times in the morning for you to visit the school.  

How do we register our child?

During your tour, you will be presented with a registration packet.  The registration packet along with a deposit must be returned to the ECC office to hold a space for your child. 

What if there is a waiting list?

Please contact the ECC Office to request to be added to the waiting list.  Children must be two years old to attend the Preschool.  Priority status is given first to Sephardic Temple members, Parent& Me participants, and then by date of application. 

When does the new school year begin and what is the last day?

The school year typically starts in September and ends in the middle of June. Based on availability, we also offer rolling enrollment, for those kids who turn two later in the school year. 

Is there a flexible schedule for my child?
We offer a flexible schedule (two-day, three-day, or five-day programs).  Children who are three and older come to school five mornings, and you can choose flexible afternoon pick up of 12:30pm, 3pm or late pick up at 4pm for additional fee.    

Do you offer early morning care before school?

Yes, we understand that some parents need to bring their children to school before 9am.  We offer early morning care beginning at 8 am when planned in advanced.  

Do you offer Enrichment Classes?

Our Enrichment program is very exciting for children.  We offer after school classes such as soccer, cooking, and more.   

How do we become members of the temple?

Temple membership is necessary for enrollment in the ECC.  At the time of your tour, you will be presented with a school and temple packet explaining all of the many wonderful benefits you will derive from being a member of this community.  

How do we pay for school?

We have two options for payments- by check or credit card.  Payment arrangements will be made through the Temple Bookkeeper’s Office, and must be finalized before your child can start school.  

Is there financial assistance available?

The Levy Family ECC is committed to helping families pay for quality preschool education.  We know that raising a family can be challenging financially, and we are glad to help out when we can.  Please contact the Temple Bookkeeper’s Office for more information.