Why it’s time to AKT* now & join the STTI Men’s Club

*(Avodah, Kehillah, Tzedakah)

Being Jewish, above all, means being involved in doing mizvot. The STTI Men’s Club is much more than a social organization. We are committed to working together with the entire congregation and the Clergy to benefit the community, our synagogue and our own lives. We do that with Avodah (service & prayer), Kehillah (community participation) and Tzedakah (charity). We strongly encourage you to join us.

Whether it is helping to plan our events, attending our speaker programs, dining with us after Shabbat service, or contributing to our Tzedakah efforts, people from all segments of synagogue life partificpate and benefit from what we do. And for us at the Men’s Club, that’s what Jewish life is all about – DOING.

We invite you to experience the joy of participation by joining the Men’s Club. Come to any of our planning meetings (generally held the second Tuesday of each month), or to one or more events. The amount of time you spend with us is entirely up to you. We promise you a full year of enriching experiences. Look for Men’s club activities in the Synagogue Shabbat Shalom Sheet and website.

–Michael Zarrabian: Men’s Club Committee Chair