Tree One of the most meaningful ways to honor someone is to include their name in the TREE OF LIFE BOARD located as you enter the sanctuary. 

It provides an opportunity to purchase a leaf or a stone and have it dedicated in honor of special friends, or members of the family on special occasions.

Having one’s name included on the tree of life is an honor which is permanent and a most meaningful tradition of our heritage.

The engraved leaf with a personalized message remains on the tree of life indefinitely. The engraved leaf is $250 and the engraved stone is $2,000.


The tree of life is first mentioned in the book of Genesis, the first book of the Hebrew bible. After Adam and Eve’s banishment from the garden of Eden, they are denied access to the tree of life which remains in the center of the garden guarded by two cherubs.

Jewish Law

The tree of life is often seen as a symbol for Jewish Law.  This interpretation is supported in the book of Proverbs: “[The Torah] is a tree of life for those who hold fast to it, and those who uphold it are happy.”  Just as the branches of the tree are tangled and intertwined, the laws of the Torah are often convoluted, one springing out of the other. All are, however, a part of the same organism and rooted in a single source. Similarly, as some branches thin out and die over time, some Jewish laws and traditions are no longer practiced. Other branches and laws, however flourish, strengthen and bear fruit.