Shabbat Shalom

Dear friends,
This past week, we were blessed to virtually host the honorable David Suissa and the honorable Sam Yebri in our midst. Kudos and gratitude to our presidents Kamran & Raymond, and also – to our new Senior VP Roxy Eli, to Neda, Rita, Avi and Dan for making this happen (apologies if I left someone out by mistake). Sam is a great promise, and we have such high hopes for him. I am sharing with you here below some words from one of Sam Yebri’s friends, a nurse in a local hospital, with the hope and knowledge that we are all living up to the Torah’s germane mitzvah of “And you shall safeguard your souls.” Wishing us all a Shabbat Shalom of physical, mental and spiritual repose. Please join me for Shabbat services both today Friday, at 4pm via zoom (with the legendary Hazan Mizrahi :), and also – please also join me tomorrow morning for Shabbat morning zoom services between 9-11am. May peace, justice, equality, brotherhood and true love shine supremely upon these blessed United States, in the Middle East, and throughout the world entire, Amen.
Lovingly and blissfully yours, with best wishes for a Shabbat Shalom of soulful elation, with love, Rabbi Sessler And here is the imperative safety message from a local hospital nurse:

“Guys- this is very, very serious. If you’re a nonbeliever or think COVID is a joke, please read this. This is unprecedented folks. If you or someone you know has no pulse outside or can’t be resuscitated quickly, you will BE LEFT IN THE FIELD. Nobody will bring you to a hospital. NOT JUST for Covid- for anything. This means traumas, heart attacks, etc. You will be left with the most primitive means of resuscitation only.
So… What can you do to help slow COVID spread so we don’t see even more scary changes to our healthcare?
1) Follow all guidelines to stay home. Consider using delivery services to avoid any errands. Do not travel and DO NOT congregate with anyone who does not live under your roof. Yes I know you trust your neighbors, or your postman, but you shouldn’t. Today in Los Angeles, 1 in every 5 people is COVID positive- and we know this is underreported in part because of asymptomatic carriers.
2) Maintain strict hand washing and mask wearing protocols. Every time you leave your home, wear a mask. Even if you think you won’t cross paths with anyone, it can’t hurt. Consider eye protection in addition. Wash hands often and thoroughly.
3) Encourage friends and family to partake in #1 and #2 above. Be firm and assertive in holding those you love accountable. It’s better for them to be mad at you than dead from COVID.
4) Do any research you need to do to get onboard with the vaccine for yourself. The vaccine is the ONLY away to get out of this crisis easily, and soon will be available for all of you. This vaccine in my own experience is very safe- from reports in my facility, there are near zero serious side effects. Please don’t spread fear, misinformation or anxiety about vaccination with others. The more we have folks who don’t want to get vaccinated, the more people die.
5) Hug your loved ones (in your house) and virtual hug those you can’t actually hug. It’s a tough time- and life is very short. Please take care of yourself and do the right things.
This might seem extreme to those of you who aren’t directly affected or witness to this, but I cannot stress enough that this is the health crisis of our lifetimes. And we need everyone’s help.

With love,
A very very tired nurse leader.”

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