Please Note:  In 2023 there will be no Merit or Scholarship Awards. During the past fiscal year, the Temple Scholarship Awards Funds had no earned income, and all awards must come from such income.  The Awards Committee regrets this situation and hopes that it will be possible to make awards next year.


Merit Awards for Young Members

Jewish experience program awards, sponsored by the Maurice Amado Merit Fund, are a significant benefit of Temple membership. The awards are based on merit rather than financial need. They are for all young people 6 years old to 24 years old who are members of our Temple. The purpose of the awards is to encourage our young people to participate in programs that extend their Jewish education beyond a formal classroom setting.

Type of programs for which awards may include:

Jewish day


Israel Programs

March of the

Other organized
Jewish programs
for youth

Award Guidelines

  • All awards will be made directly to the Jewish experience program selected by the applicant.
  • For Israel program applications, the Committee will seek matching funds from the Los Angeles Jewish Federation’s Israel Experience Program.
  • The amount of the award is within the discretion of the award committee. The size of awards may vary from year to year, depending upon the funds available for distribution and the number of applicants.

Application Deadline:
A fully completed application form and all supporting material must be received in the Temple Office by June 1. Applications received after that date will not be accepted.

College Scholarship Awards for
Sephardic Students

Students who are pursuing higher education as undergraduate or graduate students are eligible to apply for merit-based scholarship award from our temple. Eligibility for these awards is one of the significant benefits of membership in our Temple. These awards are not based on financial need.

The Scholarship awards come from funds established through the generosity and vision of some of our remarkable Temple members. The majority of the funds come from the Maurice Amado Scholarship Fund. Awards are also made from the Maccabean, Sephardic Beth Shalom, Stella and Salvo Lavis, and Aron Cohen funds. This last fund is directed at students who are pursuing careers as Sephardic clergy or educators.

Application forms can be downloaded by clicking the link below. The deadline for filing an application and all supporting materials for the next academic year is June 30. These materials include a letter of acceptance or evidence of enrollment in an institution of higher education, an autobiographical statement, and a certified copy of the student’s most recent transcript of grades. Scholarship awards are announced at the beginning of August.