Albert Bourla: A Jewish Role Model

The CEO of Pfizer, is a Greek Sephardic Jew by the name of Albert Bourla. His parents are Holocaust survivors from Salonica, a port city which was decimated more than any other Jewish city during World War Two. Bourla has been relentless in pushing the company he serves to develop the Covid vaccine.

Thanks to his vision, dedication and diligence, millions of lives will be saved, including in Germany. Because Jews love life. This is the meaning of the Torah’s statement in Genesis 12:2, in which our people are commanded to “be a blessing ” to the world. Jews excel in law, and are dedicated to justice. Jews excel in psychology and psychiatry, because they care about the health of the mind. Jews excel in economics, and they are invested in opportunities and resources for everyone. Jews excel in academia, science, art and intellectual pursuits – because cultural and spiritual strivings lend dignity and inner stature to the human soul. And Jews excel in medicine, because we believe in the sanctity of every human life.

May we be blessed to continue to proliferate healing and peace on this earth, and may we all harness our manifold gifts for the enhancement and betterment of our overall human environment and landscape, and all the souls which we come across throughout this trying and tumultuous road, which we call our life.

Shabbat Shalom, with best wishes for cosmic healing in 2021,
Rabbi Sessler

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