Rabbi D’Var Torah


Fear of G-d

Our opening parashah mentions several times the concept of “Yirat HaShem / fear of G-d.”

Fear of G-d entails having a sense of basic human decency, of having a conscience. Rashi states that fear of G-d is “something which resides in the privacy of a person’s heart and thought.”

We live in a place and time, in which the value and concept of  “fear of G-d” is greatly diminished. When a person says one thing in private and another in public, that entails a pervasive lack of fear of G-d. When a person knowingly blames others for his or her own wrongdoings, that also entails an absence of fear of G-d. When a person is in a position to act justly and intervene for the good, but instead refrains from doing so and protects evil, that is also the antithesis of fear of G-d.

Having fear of G-d (if you have one), is the greatest asset your soul possesses. Without a fundamental sense of human decency we cannot lead a moral and thus fully human life. No matter the cost and the ramifications, don’t ever forfeit your fear of G-d, for no worldly asset or status is worth the cost of your conscience and the dignity of your integrity.

Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Sessler

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