Rabbi Sessler D’Var Torah


The Price of Hate

Three times in our history we went into exile. The first time we went into exile was after the selling of Joseph, about which we read in this Shabbat’s parshah.
The second time was after the death of King Solomon. King Solomon had two sons who just couldn’t get along. As a result, the ancient Jewish Kingdom was split between them into two separate kingdoms, both of which were soon thereafter defeated in battle and exiled respectively.

And during the first century, in the year 70 CE, as the Romans were besieging the walls of Jerusalem en route to destroying the Second Temple, Jew was killing Jew inside the city, as different Jewish warring factions were massacring each other.

Throughout the centuries, countless world empires tried in vain to eradicate our faith, and to annihilate our people. From the ancient empires of Assyria, Babylonia, Greece and Rome, through the medieval empires, all the way to Nazism and Stalinism. None of them was ultimately successful.
It is only domestic strife between us fellow Jews which ultimately led our people into the darkness and calamity of exile.

It is easier to unite a city, than to unite the heart of its people. But for the Jewish people to survive and flourish, we need to achieve just that.

Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Sessler


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