Or Chadash Sisterhood Membership renewal

Dear Member,

Hope this letter finds you and your family well. We are grateful for your continued support. Our programs are designed with the intention to nurture, grow, and foster our relationships and our entire community.  Together with compassionate friends like you, the Or Chadash Sisterhood has achieved publishing and selling a cookbook, having Book Clubs, Luncheons, Lectures, Women’s Theatre, Cooking Classes, various Outings, and much more. We honor and support the amazing philanthropists among us who continue to give of themselves selflessly to the community.

If you have not yet have had the chance to renew membership for 2021-2022, then we hope you will do so right now.  We need you, your support, and your involvement.  Our continued success is only possible due to your generosity.

Please complete and return the enclosed Membership application renewal form and dues payment by August 31st.  This will assure that you will continue to receive our email updates and all the other benefits that go along with your membership throughout the year.

Thank you and wishing you a safe and fun summer.

Or Chadash Sisterhood
Rae Cohen