The Later Santa Barbara Avenue years 1946-1959

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The Later Santa Barbara Avenue years 1946-1959

Following World War II there were some new innovations to the community. A choir was started under the direction of the late Norma Carmona of blessed memory and Friday night services were becoming more frequent. Rabbi Tovi had died and was replaced by Rabbi Axelrod for a short period of time. He was replaced by Rabbi Friedman who had been a rabbi in Florence, Italy. Reverend Isaac M. Varon who was the temple secretary also acted as the Hazzan or Cantor. Aron Cohen a past president of the community took over the job of Gabbai of the community upon the passing of Moise H. Hattem in 1951. He held that position for over 50 years until he passed away.

During this period the small children of the 1920s and early 1930s were growing up and there were many Bar Mitzvahs and weddings. Now that the war was over and times were better the membership began to increase and soon the Santa Barbara Temple wasn’t large enough to hold the membership as it once did.

About this time some parochial arguments ensued as to the rabbi’s tenure and finally it came to a point where Rabbi Friedman resigned his position of rabbi. This had to be done in order to placate the two factions that were forming -a pro Rabbi Friedman and an anti Rabbi Friedman. It was about this time that discussions with the Sephardic Brotherhood Community, Haim VaHessed and the Sephardic Community of Los Angeles were held with reference to a forthcoming merger of the two communities.

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