Passover El Shofar 2023


Passover El Shofar 2023

Dear Community,

We are approaching the Passover holiday, the most celebrated holiday by all the Jewish people.

The Haggadah is the main vehicle to convey the Passover message to the individual and to the nation. The Haggadah instructs us to tell, to educate, and to explain our Jewish heritage in order to strengthen our b bonds to the people and the State of Israel.

The Passover Haggadah tells us all the story of our history and also our purpose as a nation in several ways and for different types of audiences – for different children and adults, with the assumption that we are all different. Our responsibility is to learn from our past experiences and the roots of our traditions so that we can better teach our children in the present and for their future.

The Halacha states that we must teach and instruct our children, to educate our next generation, each in his or her own way, while taking into account their different personalities, qualities, needs, and motives. We must convey this message in a structured and optimal way for everyone. This is the best communication between us and our children – the next generation.

“For the four prototype of sons the Torah spoke…”
Each one of us has his or her own qualities and characteristics, and our own way to be addressed.

Only if we build an effective dialogue based on tolerance and trust, and proper interaction between the addresser and the recipient, we can promote meaningful learning and belonging to the tradition.

The children and youth must know Jewish history and the foundations of the Jewish faith, because only those who believe can be redeemed and only those who know our Jewish history including all its difficulties will deepen their roots in the land, and this will be their redemption for generations, because Egypt symbolizes exile and Jerusalem symbolizes freedom.

Hag Sameach,
Rabbi Refael Cohen

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